I am always on the hunt for top-grade tonewoods as optional upgrades for my clients. Below is a list of a few that I offer. If you don't see what you're looking for on the list, please enquire.

African Blackwood - $1200.00 and up

Amazon Rosewood - $1000.00 and up

German Flamed Maple - $500.00 and up

Claro Walnut - Flamed - $500.00 and up

My favourite spruce for my tops is Italian Alpine Spruce. I hand-pick this wood from a mill in Northern Italy, 12 km from the Austrian border. This ensures that I get exactly what I want in tone and aesthetics.

Italian Alpine Spruce - $200.00 and up

Other upgrades include:

Venetian Cutaway - $400.00

Florentine Cutaway - $600.00

Soundport - $250.00

Kandinsky-Inspired Rosette and End Strip - $350.00

Hoffee Custom Fit Case - Enquire

Pickups by K&K and Schertler - Enquire

*All Prices are in US Dollars*