Welcome to Peggy White Guitars and thanks for stopping by. This is a little about me and my thoughts on instrument building.

I have a deep appreciation for wood, I always have. I love hand-selecting wood for my next guitar, shaping it to become an instrument and hearing and watching it come to life. I have the pleasure of working with it every day and turning it into something that brings great joy to people.

Being involved in having your own custom instrument made for you is a wonderful experience. I take my passion very seriously, designing and building, and I work closely with each client from start to finish of their instrument. We will choose the woods to be used on your instrument and discuss custom features such as, neck width, neck shape, bracing to suit your playing style, to name a few. This gives me the opportunity to make sure every detail of your instrument is covered, that the playability and sound of your guitar inspires you to play and to enjoy for years to come. It's exciting to know that the instrument I build for you will play a part in your musical journey.

In 2011 I decided to pursue my dream of building instruments and signed up for Sergei de Jonge’s guitar building course in Chelsea, Quebec, Canada. I moved on from there to the incredible opportunity of apprenticing with master luthier, Linda Manzer,  for two years. In 2013 I started building my own instruments. For the past seven months I have had the privilege of doing a mentorship program with Michel Pellerin and have now moved back to Almonte, Ontario, Canada where I am in the process of opening my new shop.

Thanks to the openness of the guitarbuilding community I have had the good fortune of having many in-depth discussions on building with some of todays masters. I am so grateful to these builders who have been incredibly helpful to me on my journey as a luthier. 

I hope you enjoy my site. I look forward to meeting you and making a dream come true.